Sunday, March 25, 2007

Frisco slut

hey my friend from the north
what's up , what's hot, what's wild
the thought of you brought forth
these words from across the miles

I was glad you called that day
How can I miss the call when
I know you think of me in ways
No normal people can comprehend

We remembered the good ole times
When you and all the MDC pondans
Joined the only SBC Ms Fine ( that would be moi )
For hilarious episodes that would have been banned
from Mediacorp while putting them to shame

Then you had to leave us
For some far away shore
To study journalism just for lust
I think you mentioned before

Once a slut always a slut
Whether in Frisco or in Singapore
When you leave your mark
It'll be ingrained to the core

You think you very pretty?
You think you very gorgeous?
Mud thinks you pretty ugly
I think you are contagious

Other people reading this would rather
That I mind my own language
But this joke we know better
Than to keep it hush hush

Your picture very nice, your 'wife' you cut
You looked like you just got off
In the escort parlor next to cafe Mozart

Although you feeling feeling getting married
Ha you don't fool me, with laughter I almost cried
When I saw the platforms you had on, I queried
Were you the groom or the bride
Very minus ten thousand points

That's it Ah Kua
I'm having a brain drain
Now I wanna eat my bak kwa
Adios, till we meet again

Hasta luego mi amigo. Quizas podemos conversar mas largo la proxima vez. Tengo que ir para cenar en la casa de un amigo. El vive cerca de Spanish Village, Farrer road.