Saturday, November 14, 2009


Tetra Pak Jurong is a company
that manufactures carton boxes
the staff are like one big family
from the newbies to the bosses

I choreographed their staff performance
which was held in Bintan, Indonesia
It started with corporate workshops
team building, games and more
it ended in a treat for the entire company
in Bintan..

The highlight of the night was a lavish buffet dinner
the staff were divided into groups to perform
After stuffing their guts with food they each prefer
the entertainment started and the night was transformed

The more they drank the 'better' they became
Everyone was cheering and many were encouraging
their colleagues on - no excuses were lame
Even the big boss was seen prancing

I hadn't witnessed a company retreat that was so full of laughter and fun in a while now. I'm glad I was there.

But Bintan isn't what it used to be. We stayed at the Bintan Lagoon Resort and the prices were so steep. The food was expensive and the menu was in Singapore dollars. Fried noodles cost the same as what they would charge in Hyatt or Marriott in Singapore. Everything else they sell from souvenirs to services like massage were listed in Singapore dollars. The was nothing much to see and although they offered seasports, the prices were just too high. To rent a car would cost $50 onwards for 2 hours. Is this daylight robbery, highway robbery or just plain robbery a la Robin Hood? The poor in Indonesia certainly don't exist in Bintan.

Bintan is only about an hour from Singapore by ferry and the island just didn't feel like another country. Maybe I'll try Batam next time.....