Monday, July 23, 2007


i saw ducks swimming

on a pond they were floating

how carefree and serene

on a lovely day they carefully careen

I wonder if we, with intelligence and they, with instincts

will ever see nature in the same way

The right to live

the right to life

it's wonderful to just be...

but nature never intended

for different species to communicate

her way is a balance in harmony

just to put it simply

so we go our merry way

leave the ducks to pass the day

to create our complicated journeys

while they paddle away with no hurry

with intelligence we progress

we conquered ourselves

then the oceans too

it's good we know a lot

about the skies and beyond

we keep advancing..

and realized that we are destroying

the ground on which we walk

the land that we share with other sentient beings

have we interfered too much?

or not enough?

can we swim away merrily?

the ducks did... inadvertently

Sunday, July 08, 2007


I was very happy to share my birthday
with worthwhile campaigns around the world today
For me, seven is the perfect number
Also easy to remember

there are 7 days in a week
no more we need to seek
from the 7 dwarfs to the 7 deadly sins
all we are, we can accomplish within

First there was the 'Live Earth' concert
where some countries combined their effort
to foster awareness of our planet's needs
her wonders, her beauty we must strive to keep

So many people were outdoor
had fun, enjoyed themselves and more
watching, singing , laughing and sending
positive energy that kept on rising

The other event was also global
held in Lisbon, Portugal
the official declaration of the new 7 wonders
Our world's heritage shouldn't be torn asunder

I had a great day.... :) and would like to thank mom and Mike and all my friends who sent me wishes - some of you from overseas.