Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 ..

What else can I say
Another year coming to an end
Whatever I write, it's still cliche
To have resolutions and then make amends

I won't conform to make promises
When I know things can change
But as each year comes and goes
I'll commit to memory its passage

I have choreographed 8 musicals
Worked with kids from 9 to 65 years
Glad to have seen many happy faces
The audience were entertained far and near

My life was enriched on many levels
I understood more and more
No need to be disheveled
That's what I am thankful for

Looking at bygone years in their entireties
I have traveled to many destinations
Experienced diversity and in my journeys
Discovered I have lived my life in good conscience

So, year 2010 won't be any different
I shall continue to endeavor
Towards the same path time has taken
Fast and forward I shall persevere

Errr, not too fast as forward I hope
cos I am feeling the effects of gravity
On the other hand I know I can cope
Just adjust my thoughts psychologically :)

Bring it on ... 2010
I shall have no fear
Live it , I can
All in good cheer..

" A conclusion is simply the place where someone got tired of thinking."

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas in Cambodia...

... is not like the usual fare
running lights were scarce
a few Christmas trees here and there
nothing more, nothing less

Having said that, the hotel we stayed at
Was excellent in every regard

Wooden furniture used to decorate
Clean and comfortable rooms for a start

The many temples scattered around Siem Reap
Were significantly ruined and truly ancient
It was amazing, some from the 11th century
Those cold sand stones, forever a sign of divine revelation

She is trying to pick herself up, Cambodia
After years of colonization and further oppression
By some of her own leaders that inflicted terror

As evidenced by a trip to the land mine museum

It's a funny thing driving in that country

The vehicles have right and left hand drive
But traffic flows on the right side slowly

Not unlike the pace of life

One of the seven wonders is Angkor Wat ( Hindu )
Personally I preferred another one called Bayon ( Buddhist )
Inside the gateway of Angkor Thom, it's a part
Also the intricate stone carvings under giant trees called Ta Phrom

Tonle Sap lake was big and it was a parking lot

For floating houses that come and go with its ebb and flow
The strange thing was, Cambodians the inhabitants they were not
Mostly Vietnamese, it was surprising to know

The night markets were full of stalls
Selling the same kinds of things
US dollars and Cambodian riels were used by all
Products were cheap and nobody was complaining

I hadn't seen any discos or clubs around
But the Pub Street has a few pubs ( how apt )

That stretch looked so much like Patpong
Difference is the locals don't meet Caucasians at the hub

I think Cambodians as a people are humbled by poverty
To make ends meet, the peaceful majority farm
I was astonished they spoke English fluently

I hope their future will be more certain in years to come
USD 1 = 3900 riels

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Tetra Pak Jurong is a company
that manufactures carton boxes
the staff are like one big family
from the newbies to the bosses

I choreographed their staff performance
which was held in Bintan, Indonesia
It started with corporate workshops
team building, games and more
it ended in a treat for the entire company
in Bintan..

The highlight of the night was a lavish buffet dinner
the staff were divided into groups to perform
After stuffing their guts with food they each prefer
the entertainment started and the night was transformed

The more they drank the 'better' they became
Everyone was cheering and many were encouraging
their colleagues on - no excuses were lame
Even the big boss was seen prancing

I hadn't witnessed a company retreat that was so full of laughter and fun in a while now. I'm glad I was there.

But Bintan isn't what it used to be. We stayed at the Bintan Lagoon Resort and the prices were so steep. The food was expensive and the menu was in Singapore dollars. Fried noodles cost the same as what they would charge in Hyatt or Marriott in Singapore. Everything else they sell from souvenirs to services like massage were listed in Singapore dollars. The was nothing much to see and although they offered seasports, the prices were just too high. To rent a car would cost $50 onwards for 2 hours. Is this daylight robbery, highway robbery or just plain robbery a la Robin Hood? The poor in Indonesia certainly don't exist in Bintan.

Bintan is only about an hour from Singapore by ferry and the island just didn't feel like another country. Maybe I'll try Batam next time.....

Friday, September 25, 2009

Phuket, a decade later

There was so much change in Phuket

Remember the sights and sounds, I hardly can

But the ever unchanging night life

Was a testament that I was in Thailand

No one talked about the tsunami

Business as usual at every corner

This was where the human spirit

Rose high above the waves and adversity,conquered

Hotel Burasari was really up to standard

It wasn't picture perfect, not quite

Its proximity to the places that mattered

Sealed my decision to buy three nights

A trip to Le Meridien Hotel brought back memories

For four months I mixed work and play

Amidst fun, laughter and romantic stories

Now, 20 years on, it felt so surreal

I'm glad Phuket isn't developing as fast as one would expect

For me, something new meant there is no going back

Depending on situations, that can be good or bad

In time there might not be anything to reflect

Phuket Fantasea was quite a good show

The performers' skills were not that great

But I applauded their efforts to entertain

Only wished the animals weren't harmed in anyway

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Down Under

Melbourne was a nice city to visit
A cross between Frisco and Vancouver
There were many places to visit
Which was better, which one do I prefer?

Our place at Kyneton was featured
It was almost at the edge of the wilderness
A possum and a few kangaroos gathered
While we were having breakfast

We decided to stay at Uncle Vincent's
Nearer to the city made a huge difference
Add the average temperature of 10 degrees
Made this a great summer in the winter land

We had fun on Mount Buller, the snow was beautiful
I went shopping, bought and lost a zip pull
All too soon it got dark, we had to descend
Winter in June felt weird, I simply must append

Mom, Mike and Cherry went to Ballarat
After panning for gold they headed to Bendigo
Uncle Vincent, the tourist guide took them places
I was glad they had fun that filled their senses

Australia serves the best cappuccinos
Urban Melbourne has cute chicos
The public transport wasn't that bad
About the fashion, it was never a fad

The Melbourne Museum was really interesting
I was engrossed and stayed there till closing
The Art Museum had Dali's works on display
Keith and I arrived after I led us astray

It's hard to put a final opinion on Melbourne
So many things made it a little different
Queen Victoria's market, Federation Square
And the aquarium offered a unique fare
It's an amalgamation of livelihood
It speaks of people's diverse moods

I'll surely return one day soon.......