Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 ..

What else can I say
Another year coming to an end
Whatever I write, it's still cliche
To have resolutions and then make amends

I won't conform to make promises
When I know things can change
But as each year comes and goes
I'll commit to memory its passage

I have choreographed 8 musicals
Worked with kids from 9 to 65 years
Glad to have seen many happy faces
The audience were entertained far and near

My life was enriched on many levels
I understood more and more
No need to be disheveled
That's what I am thankful for

Looking at bygone years in their entireties
I have traveled to many destinations
Experienced diversity and in my journeys
Discovered I have lived my life in good conscience

So, year 2010 won't be any different
I shall continue to endeavor
Towards the same path time has taken
Fast and forward I shall persevere

Errr, not too fast as forward I hope
cos I am feeling the effects of gravity
On the other hand I know I can cope
Just adjust my thoughts psychologically :)

Bring it on ... 2010
I shall have no fear
Live it , I can
All in good cheer..

" A conclusion is simply the place where someone got tired of thinking."

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