Monday, December 25, 2006


It's Christmas today and another year coming to an end. Christians around the world celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. However, these days I noticed that the season has become secular. While I am sure that there are still people that stick to the traditional way of how Christmas should be celebrated, the festivities and merry making have meandered into different societies.

In a multi racial country like Singapore, eating places operated by the Chinese, Muslims or Indians have joined in the spirit of the times and decorated their shops with Christmas trees and ornaments. This leads to a racially integrated society in Singapore. Surely that is a good thing, no?

On the other hand, this could also be a cause for waning traditions. As we become more progressive, it is difficult to honor religious rules without putting others in an uncomfortable dilemma. So, the joys of Christmas mean we exchange presents with friends from different races while our parents go to church.

At the rate things are unfolding, I am not sure how important religion will be in years to come; at least in this part of the world. Other countries elsewhere are fighting like mad because of religious disharmony, holding on tightly to perceived and unyielding laws. I digress... back to Christmas...
I love Christmas because somehow it brings out the mood, colors, spirit and nostalgia of how it all started.

Monday, December 04, 2006


wow it's been a while since I wrote anything. I can always use the good old acceptable excuse of being too busy to write. Well, I am here now and I have nothing to write about. hmmmm...... a ver....

I can hear the grey matter in my mind churning
Preparing the synapses for the neurons they are firing
I can feel the thoughts I am thinking
Slowly emerging, emerging, emerging, then , nothing

Nothing.... can it be an adjective?
Is it a word that means something ?
How to describe it if it isn't there for seeing?
Has anyone experienced its being ?

Nothing.... can it be a verb?
Is it a thought that could not be visualized?
The result of which no words could materialize
Or actions that could not be dramatized

Nothingness as a noun has a meaning;
the complete absence of everything
I believe it has neither a beginning
Nor an ending

When we sit around doing nothing
Are we really undoing something?
How about unhearing or
unthinking anything?

Whatever part of speech it is located
Its usage is rather convoluted
Women use it when a disagreement has started
Men use it to claim the same has ended

We shouldn't deploy all our five or six senses
To the understanding of absolute nothingness
Just embrace the word as its meaning dictates
Before this becomes a point for debates

I am not an English guru but there, I have filled this previously empty space with nothing.. What color is nothing? I guess it's purple.. hee hee hee