Sunday, May 14, 2017

SDEA member spotlight

Today I was happy to see the interview that I gave to the Singapore Drama Educators Association online.
Access it on the SDEA website on the month of May highlights and also on SDEA Facebook page.

I've been doing this for so many years
I just didn't think about how far I've come
For I, me, myself I cheer
There's a tune in my head, I hum

It's truly a blessing
Along the arrow of time I can see
The ebb and flow of my living
Imagined through time lapse photography

I give thanks for everything
Inside and outside of these walls
To the big and small, inanimate or living things
I respect you all

This article was one of many of me
Over the years of sweat and toil
Experience was a good teacher, definitely
Throughout my great odyssey

OK for now five stanzas to fill in the gap
It was two years since I last wrote
Hasta luego,  I will be back
Till I gather my thoughts de nueva.