Saturday, October 30, 2010

Aesop's Fables

I'm back in Geylang this morning
In my hands a ham sandwich I'm having
Two cups of tea later my eyelids are heavy
Before long I'm getting sleepy

Rehearsal didn't lift my mood
The actors are still acting like fools
The musical is only three quarters through
It's not funny, not even cool

Let's not waste time to waste time
Now lunch is on my mind
The actors can't remember how to rhyme
Or how to assemble the puppets on time
Hatta's lying on the carpet roly poly
Cos his ass has an open wound
Seri is trying to look busy
Julian and I are looking like goons

Aesop's fables, oh how well they tell
Humans and animals co-exist so well
Aesop's fables, oh how well they fell
On deaf ears, should I ring the bell?

Time is ticking away
Ticking towards eternity
Ah, did I just hear a donkey bray
No, it's just Julian hitting a note

Oh the build up of heat 
from my seat
I need to stand up
to fan my butt

Getting a cuppa is what I need
Three steps from the door I heard some chatter
Ah finally some action indeed
Rehearsal is progressing further

Now I see the puppets coming alive
The actors' competence is coming into play
I'm no longer sleepy and I shall strife
To adjust my choreo and call it a day.