Saturday, October 30, 2010

Aesop's Fables

I'm back in Geylang this morning
In my hands a ham sandwich I'm having
Two cups of tea later my eyelids are heavy
Before long I'm getting sleepy

Rehearsal didn't lift my mood
The actors are still acting like fools
The musical is only three quarters through
It's not funny, not even cool

Let's not waste time to waste time
Now lunch is on my mind
The actors can't remember how to rhyme
Or how to assemble the puppets on time
Hatta's lying on the carpet roly poly
Cos his ass has an open wound
Seri is trying to look busy
Julian and I are looking like goons

Aesop's fables, oh how well they tell
Humans and animals co-exist so well
Aesop's fables, oh how well they fell
On deaf ears, should I ring the bell?

Time is ticking away
Ticking towards eternity
Ah, did I just hear a donkey bray
No, it's just Julian hitting a note

Oh the build up of heat 
from my seat
I need to stand up
to fan my butt

Getting a cuppa is what I need
Three steps from the door I heard some chatter
Ah finally some action indeed
Rehearsal is progressing further

Now I see the puppets coming alive
The actors' competence is coming into play
I'm no longer sleepy and I shall strife
To adjust my choreo and call it a day.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Simple things..

.. mean a lot to me
Simple things only children can see
Simple things like horses running free
And easy acceptance of life

Simple things never compromise
All things have a rhythm I can realize
I feel content in my freedom
And I feel that my freedom is right

I never want to stop being a child
I used to see the flowers growing wild
To see the sun rise in the morning
Sunlight growing filling the skies

Simple things of the earth don't die
They just grow and change as time goes by
There are no questions without answers
I found my answer to life is living
The secret to living is life.

The poem above was written by an unknown author but I just felt that I have to share it with everyone reading my blog. It's beautiful, poignant and something I totally believe in.

Friday, August 06, 2010

YOG in Maori Land

It was a big deal that Singapore,
became the country to host on its shores
The very first Youth Olympic Games,
elevating this tiny island to fame.

The journey of the Youth Olympic flame
generated great interest to its name
It started in Greece where the torch was lit
Then it traveled to six countries without a hitch

Berlin, Dakar, Mexico, Auckland, Seoul and Singapore
celebrated its arrival with festivities and more
Its goal is to unite people from every continent
with the spirit of the Olympic Movement.

I joined the festivities in New Zealand
Promoted the Singapore culture in Auckland
The Kiwis were warm and welcoming
They enjoyed the show through all the cheering.

I think Auckland is a pleasant place to be
I managed to go to Parnell village near the city
Asian eateries and specialty shops abound
Whatever desires can be found

I wished I had more time to explore
Close by are the mountains and the shores
I wished I had more time to navigate
the hilly roads and Victoria Park market

Auckland reminded me of Melbourne
Most shops closed before sundown so people can adjourn
to spend time with friends or families
For in life, there's no hurry.

That's all the impression I have gleaned
from the 3 short days in Maori land
Maybe I'll have the chance to see, in the future
the museums, the Maori culture and join in the adventures.

NZ$1.000 = SGD$0.996