Saturday, September 23, 2006

yellow ribbon musical

The Yellow Ribbon Project together with CARE is dedicated to helping and the organizing of activities for ex offenders and their families.
When asked to choreograph for the musical, I was apprehensive at first but accepted the job for the anticipation of a new kind of challenge. This year the musical was performed by the inmates who wrote their own songs and directed by a dear friend, Peggy.

The rehearsals were conducted inside the huge, big and grey building. The girls were all a little shy at first and kept looking at the floor but slowly their enthusiasm and a chance to perform for their loved ones and friends motivated them to be brave and just go for it.. The men were also very talented. They sang so much better than the Singapore Idols ( oops am I allowed to say that?)

Prior to the commencement of rehearsals, there was a song writing competition and the winning songs were chosen to tie in with the theme of the musical which was "angel from within."

In the few months leading to performance day which was yesterday, I was made more aware of the power of forgiveness. The life stories we heard while talking to the inmates were mostly reflected in their songs. But keeping their spirits high whenever we saw them for rehearsals made our jobs so much easier. They were so willing to learn, so willing to laugh and cry. I was able to see, hear and feel forgiveness and that word truly lifts the spirit and helps someone to move on and brings hope to live another day.

One thing I was glad of - this musical brought together inmates who didn't know each other and now have become friends inside.

The earnest desire to change was projected on stage and moved the audience to tears. They sang and danced with so much gusto that it was so heart- rending. After show I went back to the holding area to offer my heartiest congratulations.
Needless to say, security was very tight but I couldn't respect the protocol anymore at that point and went straight to hug all of them. There were so many words just waiting to roll off my tongue but had to keep my mouth shut from literally crying out loud.

All those weeks of training had paid off and I am glad to be part of the Yellow Ribbon Musical 2006... and I can't post pictures for obvious reasons...

Saturday, September 02, 2006

It's about time I went for a deep tissue massage..

My leg still hurts today
It has been like that everyday
the pain shoots here and there
when night approaches, i swear

I suppose it's a work hazard
When over used muscles are needed
to hold up the weary body
and they break down suddenly

but the body is amazingly resilient
design from the great Divine, it's brilliant
It's the greatest instrument ever created
It's use should not be taken for granted

I'll take care, I'll take care, take care, care...
wear and tear, wear and tear, wear, tear
hmmm.... too tired , too tired, too tired now
I should go for another massage.. so how brown cow
zzzzzzzz.................. buenas noches.. :)

P.S. I've discovered that it hurt like hell to have a sports massage but the release of tension when pressure was applied to the muscles on the body was a great relief. I think anyone involved in vigorous training and those sitting on their butts in an office should try it. .
I should have done this eons ago, holy caramba..