Friday, September 25, 2009

Phuket, a decade later

There was so much change in Phuket

Remember the sights and sounds, I hardly can

But the ever unchanging night life

Was a testament that I was in Thailand

No one talked about the tsunami

Business as usual at every corner

This was where the human spirit

Rose high above the waves and adversity,conquered

Hotel Burasari was really up to standard

It wasn't picture perfect, not quite

Its proximity to the places that mattered

Sealed my decision to buy three nights

A trip to Le Meridien Hotel brought back memories

For four months I mixed work and play

Amidst fun, laughter and romantic stories

Now, 20 years on, it felt so surreal

I'm glad Phuket isn't developing as fast as one would expect

For me, something new meant there is no going back

Depending on situations, that can be good or bad

In time there might not be anything to reflect

Phuket Fantasea was quite a good show

The performers' skills were not that great

But I applauded their efforts to entertain

Only wished the animals weren't harmed in anyway