Tuesday, June 26, 2007

meeting you..

..has to be a real pleasure for me
..should make me feel at ease already
..my mind must go a little mushy
without bordering on lunacy

whenever I look in the mirror
you should smile back, we are so similar
reflecting my deeper self, there you are
it's possible you'll know my joys and fears

we can exchange interpersonal expression
anywhere and in any kind of environment
enjoy each other's company in oblivion
aahh, such bliss this kind of commitment

is it possible you exist in reality
reality permits me to find you personally
personally that encounter brings forth my fantasy
fantasy of forever after, happily

At the moment some of us are a mess
always settling for second best
Either that or we are taking a rest
From meeting yet another pest

I am quite convinced you are found
Over yonder galaxy and bound
By unperceived dimensions all around
Inside string theory, you are tightly wound

Thursday, June 21, 2007

itchy feet

After the travelling I've been doing the past few years, now I am thinking of taking a holiday, again. hee hee.. Not sure where to go though. Spain, the US, Canada.. hmmm....

I just finished a 2 week mascot show where I was the monkey hahahaha. the character's name is Boots and he is Dora's best friend. Dora is a little spanish girl who travels everywhere around the world to explore the places . Her adventures are educational stories for kids and the cartoon is shown on TV.

The show got me thinking about taking a holiday.

The show was very well received . The kids were so responsive and wild when we came out. But sooo tiring. Holy caramba....

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

launch of moving rubber

I performed in a show on Friday last

Together with 20 hot and handsome men

With hairstyles that were created fast

Using the new product for ladies and gents

We launched the new wax range from Gatsby

That has different smell for different moods

My hair was styled very differently

I must say I looked quite good :)

The show went on smoothly

It was hairstyles and men on the dance floor

I enjoyed it totally

Since I was the only girl among them all