Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Price of Intolerance

I love eating, it's good for the soul and the body
I eat when I'm hungry, drink when I'm thirsty
It's  fundamental to social gatherings
It's a good lead in to merry making

The search for food includes
when we are in hot pursuit
of all things business or pleasure
And desserts for good measure

The other day I felt a little sick in the gut
After consuming dinner in my cozy hut
It was the usual fare that I ate everyday
With fresh ingredients and dessert by the way

All kinds of whys popped into my thinking
Then I realized it could be what I had been eating
I had been a habitual eater of certain foods
Cos they were easy to cook and they tasted good

Not eating mushrooms would allay my discomfort
Don't eat grapes, to myself I need to assert
My stomach heaved a sigh of relief and contentment
I'm giving it a break from food intolerance

I'm not sure how long  I should stay away
Mushrooms and grapes were a mainstay
I think two months would be a good start
Before they get back on my supermarket cart

For now I'll have to vary my food consumption
Perhaps button mushrooms and green grapes for locomotion
At this moment I felt my stomach yelled at me
"I'll make you pay if you don't let me be."  :)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Ugly habits of Singaporeans 2

Today I went to watch the Adventures of Tintin
He was one of my favorite comic characters
Every single title that's in my collection bin
Had been read and re-read over the years

I didn't mind the munching and slurping noise
The boys next to me were  making
One even asked his friends in a loud voice
If they wanted more snacks cos he was buying 

I enjoyed the movie thoroughly
I was happy and relaxed, I must confess
When the lights came on eventually
Oh my, rubbish on the isles, what a mess

Paper bags, empty containers, unfinished food
Bottled water, soda cans were everywhere
Why are Singaporeans such an ugly brood
Well, not all of them, to be fair

Should schools here incorporate a social behavior class
Just so the young can learn and to be inculcated
What the value of common courtesy can amass
Then, perhaps a gracious society can be cultivated

I left the cinema feeling quite disgusted
Under their breath the cleaners mouthing off expletives
I don't blame them but had to make haste when I heard
The Hokkien and Malay swear words I found so offensive