Saturday, July 04, 2009

Down Under

Melbourne was a nice city to visit
A cross between Frisco and Vancouver
There were many places to visit
Which was better, which one do I prefer?

Our place at Kyneton was featured
It was almost at the edge of the wilderness
A possum and a few kangaroos gathered
While we were having breakfast

We decided to stay at Uncle Vincent's
Nearer to the city made a huge difference
Add the average temperature of 10 degrees
Made this a great summer in the winter land

We had fun on Mount Buller, the snow was beautiful
I went shopping, bought and lost a zip pull
All too soon it got dark, we had to descend
Winter in June felt weird, I simply must append

Mom, Mike and Cherry went to Ballarat
After panning for gold they headed to Bendigo
Uncle Vincent, the tourist guide took them places
I was glad they had fun that filled their senses

Australia serves the best cappuccinos
Urban Melbourne has cute chicos
The public transport wasn't that bad
About the fashion, it was never a fad

The Melbourne Museum was really interesting
I was engrossed and stayed there till closing
The Art Museum had Dali's works on display
Keith and I arrived after I led us astray

It's hard to put a final opinion on Melbourne
So many things made it a little different
Queen Victoria's market, Federation Square
And the aquarium offered a unique fare
It's an amalgamation of livelihood
It speaks of people's diverse moods

I'll surely return one day soon.......