Thursday, September 18, 2008


Here I go again
What to write, what to say
Looking back without disdain
The past few months were quite gay

Gay - what a word to use
It has more than one meaning
Most of you would be confused
well, it's just to be happy

How fast the year has gone by
It's September and still no sign
Whatever I am searching for, ay
Is still over the rainbow and behind

Soon it'll be 8 months since i moved in
This new apartment I now adore
Is distinct, colorful and akin
To my personality and on the 4th floor

My mind is now quite random
I don't know what to write that's appropriate
I'm starting to feel my aching bottom
To which my mind tried to obliterate

Let's see, what else happened
oh yes, I was proposed by someone
To be a nanny and go to London
Without one, his 2 kids have no fun