Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Price of Intolerance

I love eating, it's good for the soul and the body
I eat when I'm hungry, drink when I'm thirsty
It's  fundamental to social gatherings
It's a good lead in to merry making

The search for food includes
when we are in hot pursuit
of all things business or pleasure
And desserts for good measure

The other day I felt a little sick in the gut
After consuming dinner in my cozy hut
It was the usual fare that I ate everyday
With fresh ingredients and dessert by the way

All kinds of whys popped into my thinking
Then I realized it could be what I had been eating
I had been a habitual eater of certain foods
Cos they were easy to cook and they tasted good

Not eating mushrooms would allay my discomfort
Don't eat grapes, to myself I need to assert
My stomach heaved a sigh of relief and contentment
I'm giving it a break from food intolerance

I'm not sure how long  I should stay away
Mushrooms and grapes were a mainstay
I think two months would be a good start
Before they get back on my supermarket cart

For now I'll have to vary my food consumption
Perhaps button mushrooms and green grapes for locomotion
At this moment I felt my stomach yelled at me
"I'll make you pay if you don't let me be."  :)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Ugly habits of Singaporeans 2

Today I went to watch the Adventures of Tintin
He was one of my favorite comic characters
Every single title that's in my collection bin
Had been read and re-read over the years

I didn't mind the munching and slurping noise
The boys next to me were  making
One even asked his friends in a loud voice
If they wanted more snacks cos he was buying 

I enjoyed the movie thoroughly
I was happy and relaxed, I must confess
When the lights came on eventually
Oh my, rubbish on the isles, what a mess

Paper bags, empty containers, unfinished food
Bottled water, soda cans were everywhere
Why are Singaporeans such an ugly brood
Well, not all of them, to be fair

Should schools here incorporate a social behavior class
Just so the young can learn and to be inculcated
What the value of common courtesy can amass
Then, perhaps a gracious society can be cultivated

I left the cinema feeling quite disgusted
Under their breath the cleaners mouthing off expletives
I don't blame them but had to make haste when I heard
The Hokkien and Malay swear words I found so offensive

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2011

Wow, what can I say
I was there all over the place
Edinburgh Fringe everyday
Hundreds of performers in front of my face

Our show was well received
Reviews declared it a 'must see'
I don't care much for that as I only perceived
The audience's delight : that was enough guarantee

For many, the Fringe was a good platform
Performers of every kind converged in one city
Some professionals, many amateurs but all conformed
To the highest standard, as best as they can be

No one was a diva, everyone paid their dues
Directors, writers, choreographers, actors, comedians, singers
All did their part to promote their shows and to be in the news
All took turns to give out flyers
The Royal Mile
The Royal Mile was a great place to start any adventure
from the Edinburgh Castle one should wander
Shops, buskers, cafes were a common feature
And you'll wrestle for a walking spot with thousands of people

The highlands, Glencoe and Loch Ness was the only tour
we took on Sunday when we had no show
T'was breathtaking- the rolling hills and the valleys, for sure
made the journey awesome although Nessie was a no show :)

Princes Street
Highlands/Glencoe/LochNess tour
I loved the weather despite the lack of sunshine
12 degrees was the average temperature
Worked till noon everyday then exercised my legs and behind
I roamed the streets looking for nothing in particular

For me, the food wasn't really the usual fare
Not used to the oily fish and soggy fries
Meat sandwiches, meat pies were more than I can bear
Chinese, Japanese and Indian eateries were my only highs

Having said that, the booze were plenty and cheap
Scottish whiskies cost a little less than bottled water
Got my first one at the Library bar some 2 stories deep
Then Simon came along and my highs were free forever

Forever was a short 30 days at the Fringe Festival
I was happy to have covered many places of interest
The Botanic Gardens, the Zoo and Deep Sea World
And finally I climbed Arthur's Seat at 250 metres

Urquhart Castle
Atop Arthur's Seat
Such a fantastic time I have had in Edinburgh
Every year the quiet city was turned completely around
To allow creativity and imaginations to unfurl
All are welcomed and all kinds of shows can be found.

Friday, April 22, 2011

The small red dot

Singapore is a great place to be
No matter how small we are
There are always things to see
You'll know this if you have travelled far

Complaints about the country will never go away
No doubt they stemmed from dissatisfaction of every kind
But if one allows some gratitude to parlay
This can be endemic, creating ties that bind

No government in the world can compromise
To please every single member of its society
They do the best they can, I surmise
For people have characters of a great variety

But I do know one thing from observation
Of the 62 cities around the world I had been to
Singapore is definitely one of the top 5 nations
That offers security, comfort, health and education too

War-faring countries are starting revolutions
Some countries are trying to rewrite weapons' laws
Yet others succumbing to natural disasters
Poverty and civil wars adding to the horror and gore

Look around this little 'Kingdom'
We live without fear of our lives
So don't take for granted this freedom
That precedes everything for which we strive

I don't claim to disrespect anyone
Nor persuade others' opinions my way
In fact, it was a casual rebuttal
To too many complaints I heard a stone's throw away

So people, don't complain too much, don't make a fuss
We are lucky to be living here in Singapore
The government is doing its best, just trust
Things aren't as good elsewhere once you walk out that door.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Zombies in the morning

Morning rush hours on the trains are a sight for sore eyes
Whenever I commuted by trains I always found amusement
The myriad of expressions on the people would suffice
For me, that's reality TV, that's pure entertainment

Zombies in the morning
Oblivious  to the surrounding
Zombies in the morning
Neither seeing nor hearing anything

Some were sleeping with a big gap in the face
Their totally relaxed bodies spread out both sides
Then one let out a snore that jerked him up in a haste
Awakening yet another who was prepared to fight

Sleep was calling in on someone standing
Eyes closed, he was nodding gently, then lo and behold
His leg muscles couldn't carry his weight, his grip was loosening
I knew he had it coming when he knocked his head on the grab pole

A woman answered a call about five feet away
What a pong,  bad breath rushed past me with such might
The sea of heads was not enough of a deterrent, damn suay
And I thought nothing could travel faster than light

In such an enclosed area such as on the train
Body odor can be quite an epidemic I tell you
The bacteria permeated the air and cannot be constrained
ooh, help I am starting to have a migraine

By now I can't breathe, I can't move and oh, the pain
All these zomboids attacking my senses
I hope there won't be any delays of the train
Or I'll have to scream and suffer in silence

What did those zombies do the night before
Drinking, getting wasted or partying like there's no tomorrow
People often say live like there's no tomorrow
Well, I say live like there IS A TOMORROW.

I wondered if those zombies ever felt frazzled
Before the day began, they were already sleeping
But train journeys are still the fastest, despite the hazards
Just have to brave those zombies in the morning.

Friday, January 14, 2011


The first two weeks of year 2011 are past
I jumped at the chance of going somewhere near
Broadway Beng at Genting Highland is a must
I'm so taking this first project of the year

Next comes Gingerbread Man the musical
I'm looking forward to more goofy choreography
I really enjoy all things theatrical
For the mental and physical creativity

It's been said "another year older, another year wiser"
The person who said this lived in antiquity
I like to think that another year older makes me wiser and bolder
To take on different challenges and responsibility

More to do and write in the coming days
For now I'm getting ready to pack my suitcase
To go to yonder mountain across the causeway
To mix business and pleasure as always