Sunday, April 17, 2011

Zombies in the morning

Morning rush hours on the trains are a sight for sore eyes
Whenever I commuted by trains I always found amusement
The myriad of expressions on the people would suffice
For me, that's reality TV, that's pure entertainment

Zombies in the morning
Oblivious  to the surrounding
Zombies in the morning
Neither seeing nor hearing anything

Some were sleeping with a big gap in the face
Their totally relaxed bodies spread out both sides
Then one let out a snore that jerked him up in a haste
Awakening yet another who was prepared to fight

Sleep was calling in on someone standing
Eyes closed, he was nodding gently, then lo and behold
His leg muscles couldn't carry his weight, his grip was loosening
I knew he had it coming when he knocked his head on the grab pole

A woman answered a call about five feet away
What a pong,  bad breath rushed past me with such might
The sea of heads was not enough of a deterrent, damn suay
And I thought nothing could travel faster than light

In such an enclosed area such as on the train
Body odor can be quite an epidemic I tell you
The bacteria permeated the air and cannot be constrained
ooh, help I am starting to have a migraine

By now I can't breathe, I can't move and oh, the pain
All these zomboids attacking my senses
I hope there won't be any delays of the train
Or I'll have to scream and suffer in silence

What did those zombies do the night before
Drinking, getting wasted or partying like there's no tomorrow
People often say live like there's no tomorrow
Well, I say live like there IS A TOMORROW.

I wondered if those zombies ever felt frazzled
Before the day began, they were already sleeping
But train journeys are still the fastest, despite the hazards
Just have to brave those zombies in the morning.

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