Friday, April 22, 2011

The small red dot

Singapore is a great place to be
No matter how small we are
There are always things to see
You'll know this if you have travelled far

Complaints about the country will never go away
No doubt they stemmed from dissatisfaction of every kind
But if one allows some gratitude to parlay
This can be endemic, creating ties that bind

No government in the world can compromise
To please every single member of its society
They do the best they can, I surmise
For people have characters of a great variety

But I do know one thing from observation
Of the 62 cities around the world I had been to
Singapore is definitely one of the top 5 nations
That offers security, comfort, health and education too

War-faring countries are starting revolutions
Some countries are trying to rewrite weapons' laws
Yet others succumbing to natural disasters
Poverty and civil wars adding to the horror and gore

Look around this little 'Kingdom'
We live without fear of our lives
So don't take for granted this freedom
That precedes everything for which we strive

I don't claim to disrespect anyone
Nor persuade others' opinions my way
In fact, it was a casual rebuttal
To too many complaints I heard a stone's throw away

So people, don't complain too much, don't make a fuss
We are lucky to be living here in Singapore
The government is doing its best, just trust
Things aren't as good elsewhere once you walk out that door.

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