Sunday, October 19, 2008

ugly habits of Singaporeans

It has almost been a tradition
The bad habits of Singaporeans
Were passed down through the generations
Heaven forbids that they should be broken

Aside from the refusal to behave courteously
Peak hours at train stations are a nightmare, literally
What happened to campaigns that educate properly
The need to impart good values to society?

Another example was at a hawker centre
During lunch after Wizard of Oz rehearsal
Ben bought a packet of tissue paper
"Seat Reserved" was printed on the plastic liner

I had noticed the habit that Singaporeans deployed
to put a little something on the table of choice
While they carried on to buy a meal they would enjoy
And denied others carrying food a decent place to eat, oh joy

At first, the little something was a bag
Then it was tissue paper in a pack
Now you can even buy them ready to claim
that the seat belongs to someone, what a shame

Manufacturers shouldn't print that on the liner
It just shows lack of consideration in this manner
Why not just let first come first serve be the mediator
I'm sure everyone will be happier

If I ever came across that pack of tissue on an empty table
I would take it and give it to the cleaner
Put my ass on the seat and relieve the heavy bag off my shoulder
So my friends can go get their meals ordered

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Here I go again
What to write, what to say
Looking back without disdain
The past few months were quite gay

Gay - what a word to use
It has more than one meaning
Most of you would be confused
well, it's just to be happy

How fast the year has gone by
It's September and still no sign
Whatever I am searching for, ay
Is still over the rainbow and behind

Soon it'll be 8 months since i moved in
This new apartment I now adore
Is distinct, colorful and akin
To my personality and on the 4th floor

My mind is now quite random
I don't know what to write that's appropriate
I'm starting to feel my aching bottom
To which my mind tried to obliterate

Let's see, what else happened
oh yes, I was proposed by someone
To be a nanny and go to London
Without one, his 2 kids have no fun


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

thinking of Spain

Where can you find warm people
Whose culture and language interweave sensually
Created customs that did not meander
But shoots across a few continents, literally


Where can you find beautiful scenery
That extends the imagination and, the heart, it captures
Steep with traditions, her people proud to be
Living in a modern metropolis, this isn't conjecture


Barcelona attracts tourists like bees to honey
There are cafes teeming with people all day long
Churches with high steeples are aplenty
Come here for the arts, you won't go wrong


Madrid is the capital city with an attitude
It's a little formal than the other cities can afford
I can't help thinking it exudes a quiet fortitude
Amidst the hustle and bustle, you won't be bored


Costa del Sol is a stretch along the Mediterranean
It has a myriad of wonderful activities
Often, the cool wind whistled in from the ocean
Picture perfect and captivating in countless ways


Ibiza proclaims another kind of flavor
All play and no work seemed to be the way
The inhabitants and tourists projected the same kind of fervor
Eat, sleep and party were common habits on display


I have been there 3 times so far
I liked everything from the sights to the sounds
Tapas, sangria, huge hot dogs with onions and paellas
Yummy, I had to stop before I put on those pounds

Spain is for everyone, cada dia
The upper echelon can dine in posh lugares
While the middle class go para comprar
The average person can just take a siesta
At the end of the day, everyone comes together to fiesta

Thursday, April 10, 2008


... is it given or taken?
both, if truth be told
but it should not be forsaken
pure and simple to behold

how does one know it's true love?
I'm not sure if one ever does
some think it's given from above
no question about it, no big fuss

some found the answer through experience
others mucked around hoping for cupid's arrow
the former got wiser and had more confidence
the latter had no idea which direction to go

some love them and leave them
others love them and hate them
many love them and lose them
very few love them and keep them

I do know love is a wonderful feeling
that can herald obvious changes
from the microscopic cells in our beings
to the horrific wars that are so senseless

such a beautiful yet confusing matter
it's dwelling place is only in the heart
expressed with words it becomes better
with action, surely , that's the best part

when love is found at any moment
we begin an awesome journey
so, it can either be given or taken

and shared for the sake of saving humanity

I think if love is to conquer all
around the world it shall encompass
our beliefs would need a complete overhaul
religions would have served their purpose

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I'm back... at last

Finally I am back in cyberspace
oh, the deluge of mails staring at my face
for 4 months I hibernated
my heartbeats accelerated

A bear I wasn't, here and there I ran
neither was I in slumberland
I was mega busy
and felt I was in an alternate reality

Now I'm glad for those months
I had a lot of fun
only wished they didn't zoom by so fast
but, hey, that's why memories are in the past