Thursday, April 10, 2008


... is it given or taken?
both, if truth be told
but it should not be forsaken
pure and simple to behold

how does one know it's true love?
I'm not sure if one ever does
some think it's given from above
no question about it, no big fuss

some found the answer through experience
others mucked around hoping for cupid's arrow
the former got wiser and had more confidence
the latter had no idea which direction to go

some love them and leave them
others love them and hate them
many love them and lose them
very few love them and keep them

I do know love is a wonderful feeling
that can herald obvious changes
from the microscopic cells in our beings
to the horrific wars that are so senseless

such a beautiful yet confusing matter
it's dwelling place is only in the heart
expressed with words it becomes better
with action, surely , that's the best part

when love is found at any moment
we begin an awesome journey
so, it can either be given or taken

and shared for the sake of saving humanity

I think if love is to conquer all
around the world it shall encompass
our beliefs would need a complete overhaul
religions would have served their purpose