Sunday, October 19, 2008

ugly habits of Singaporeans

It has almost been a tradition
The bad habits of Singaporeans
Were passed down through the generations
Heaven forbids that they should be broken

Aside from the refusal to behave courteously
Peak hours at train stations are a nightmare, literally
What happened to campaigns that educate properly
The need to impart good values to society?

Another example was at a hawker centre
During lunch after Wizard of Oz rehearsal
Ben bought a packet of tissue paper
"Seat Reserved" was printed on the plastic liner

I had noticed the habit that Singaporeans deployed
to put a little something on the table of choice
While they carried on to buy a meal they would enjoy
And denied others carrying food a decent place to eat, oh joy

At first, the little something was a bag
Then it was tissue paper in a pack
Now you can even buy them ready to claim
that the seat belongs to someone, what a shame

Manufacturers shouldn't print that on the liner
It just shows lack of consideration in this manner
Why not just let first come first serve be the mediator
I'm sure everyone will be happier

If I ever came across that pack of tissue on an empty table
I would take it and give it to the cleaner
Put my ass on the seat and relieve the heavy bag off my shoulder
So my friends can go get their meals ordered