Saturday, June 28, 2014

I want to stay

Am I counting the days
I hope not, I like it here
There must be jobs here anyway
I must not, I must not have fear.

I can so live in Barcelona
The city's great, the people seemed relaxed
And I can't help but wonder
How to discern the simple from the complex

Sometimes you never know who's local, who's not
Blending in comes naturally but speaking, much less
This stirring in me, I must give it a shot
Look for a job and give it my best

I'm lying on my wakeboard of tomorrow
Ready to sail out yonder
I will ride with it like a willow
The winds taking me out further

The pasture is greener, the sea bluer
The rains howling the winds beckoning
It's the perception I have made to order
A reality that is more becoming

Really, now, it's easy to imagine
A variety of opportunities out there
Without hesitation, crank up the engine
Don't be a chicken, be a thoroughbred mare

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Creativity in all of us

I had a feeling we were going to do lots of drawing
This workshop would surely bring out the child in us
I was right as on the floor we were either laying or sprawling
While others were sitting, no one was making a fuss.

Nothing was done quite the normal way
Introduction was brief and so was getting to know each other
To do that we must have a drink in a cafe
Then two by two we took the hot seat describing our partner

I indulged happily with the visual journeys
They were akin to my constant day dreamings
As long as I can separate the honey and the bees
Into reality those dreamings can take wings

The human brain is one of the greatest things on earth
Memories we have accummulated can invoke creativity
Whether they be mundane, of loss, sadness or of mirth
Use them freely to the point of the antiquated defence of insanity

My automatic writings didn't make sense, they wouldn't
But in the chaotic and meaningless written jabber
I glimpsed snippets of my current predicament
That could surely lead to an enlightened future

There was something magical about sharing the exercises
The same that led the randomly chosen partners to me
It was as if we needed to 'steal' meaningful phrases
To link the fragmented moments, if at all, briefly

My monster gave me a wonderful phrase
The words emerged while I was drawing its wings
I gave it permission to go where my being wouldn't face
"Don't be just a potential, be potent" everyday it sings.

The things I do and those that I don't are perhaps
Cryptic messages to my heart and mind
And my inner creative soul can bridge those gaps
Into the kind of ties that bind

Imagination, it fuels the mind
It affects the heart
It compels the body
To take part

It's imagination in the raw
Deep within the cerebrum it gnaws
Pictures and images come to the fore
Let it loose, let it grow, emerging through the pores

It takes minutes for thinking, seconds for imagining
I..... Wait, I can feel something ballooning
Those words are thunder while images are lighting
Oh.. Here I am, again, day dreaming, creating.