Saturday, June 28, 2014

I want to stay

Am I counting the days
I hope not, I like it here
There must be jobs here anyway
I must not, I must not have fear.

I can so live in Barcelona
The city's great, the people seemed relaxed
And I can't help but wonder
How to discern the simple from the complex

Sometimes you never know who's local, who's not
Blending in comes naturally but speaking, much less
This stirring in me, I must give it a shot
Look for a job and give it my best

I'm lying on my wakeboard of tomorrow
Ready to sail out yonder
I will ride with it like a willow
The winds taking me out further

The pasture is greener, the sea bluer
The rains howling the winds beckoning
It's the perception I have made to order
A reality that is more becoming

Really, now, it's easy to imagine
A variety of opportunities out there
Without hesitation, crank up the engine
Don't be a chicken, be a thoroughbred mare

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