Tuesday, August 07, 2007

the motorbike ride

In between the mountain and the cloudless dark sky
The long and beautiful night crept silently by
Amidst the clatter and meaningful chatter
The hilltop restaurant had a clueless waiter

The motorbike was a sight to behold
The ride up the not-so-winding road was controlled
Slowly it got hot under the skin
For both the riders and the machine

It has a pleasing shape and some fluid lines
Combined with a fuel tank that shines
I'd like to run my fingers along its chest
And feel it all the way if I had a second chance

Oh how you cut through the wind
Take me where I've never been
Where the sun makes love to the sea
Beyond the horizon just you and me

It's sleek, not meek, detailed in every part
It's cold exterior belied a burning heart
It stole longing glances from people, by the way
It's a transformer in the making, I must say

By chance does this machine have a name?
It didn't budge when I tried pushing it in vain
Maybe I should get one of my own
Another that wouldn't crush my bone

While we were riding against the wind
He accelerated in short bursts, I threw back my chin
Behind him I felt protected yet liberated
The same time I was tugging at his shirt

Destiny and destination became one
Whatever that means, I had much fun
Even though my ears flipped a little inside the snug helmet
It didn't matter, the cool night outweighed the discomfort