Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2011

Wow, what can I say
I was there all over the place
Edinburgh Fringe everyday
Hundreds of performers in front of my face

Our show was well received
Reviews declared it a 'must see'
I don't care much for that as I only perceived
The audience's delight : that was enough guarantee

For many, the Fringe was a good platform
Performers of every kind converged in one city
Some professionals, many amateurs but all conformed
To the highest standard, as best as they can be

No one was a diva, everyone paid their dues
Directors, writers, choreographers, actors, comedians, singers
All did their part to promote their shows and to be in the news
All took turns to give out flyers
The Royal Mile
The Royal Mile was a great place to start any adventure
from the Edinburgh Castle one should wander
Shops, buskers, cafes were a common feature
And you'll wrestle for a walking spot with thousands of people

The highlands, Glencoe and Loch Ness was the only tour
we took on Sunday when we had no show
T'was breathtaking- the rolling hills and the valleys, for sure
made the journey awesome although Nessie was a no show :)

Princes Street
Highlands/Glencoe/LochNess tour
I loved the weather despite the lack of sunshine
12 degrees was the average temperature
Worked till noon everyday then exercised my legs and behind
I roamed the streets looking for nothing in particular

For me, the food wasn't really the usual fare
Not used to the oily fish and soggy fries
Meat sandwiches, meat pies were more than I can bear
Chinese, Japanese and Indian eateries were my only highs

Having said that, the booze were plenty and cheap
Scottish whiskies cost a little less than bottled water
Got my first one at the Library bar some 2 stories deep
Then Simon came along and my highs were free forever

Forever was a short 30 days at the Fringe Festival
I was happy to have covered many places of interest
The Botanic Gardens, the Zoo and Deep Sea World
And finally I climbed Arthur's Seat at 250 metres

Urquhart Castle
Atop Arthur's Seat
Such a fantastic time I have had in Edinburgh
Every year the quiet city was turned completely around
To allow creativity and imaginations to unfurl
All are welcomed and all kinds of shows can be found.

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