Friday, November 18, 2011

Ugly habits of Singaporeans 2

Today I went to watch the Adventures of Tintin
He was one of my favorite comic characters
Every single title that's in my collection bin
Had been read and re-read over the years

I didn't mind the munching and slurping noise
The boys next to me were  making
One even asked his friends in a loud voice
If they wanted more snacks cos he was buying 

I enjoyed the movie thoroughly
I was happy and relaxed, I must confess
When the lights came on eventually
Oh my, rubbish on the isles, what a mess

Paper bags, empty containers, unfinished food
Bottled water, soda cans were everywhere
Why are Singaporeans such an ugly brood
Well, not all of them, to be fair

Should schools here incorporate a social behavior class
Just so the young can learn and to be inculcated
What the value of common courtesy can amass
Then, perhaps a gracious society can be cultivated

I left the cinema feeling quite disgusted
Under their breath the cleaners mouthing off expletives
I don't blame them but had to make haste when I heard
The Hokkien and Malay swear words I found so offensive

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