Friday, August 06, 2010

YOG in Maori Land

It was a big deal that Singapore,
became the country to host on its shores
The very first Youth Olympic Games,
elevating this tiny island to fame.

The journey of the Youth Olympic flame
generated great interest to its name
It started in Greece where the torch was lit
Then it traveled to six countries without a hitch

Berlin, Dakar, Mexico, Auckland, Seoul and Singapore
celebrated its arrival with festivities and more
Its goal is to unite people from every continent
with the spirit of the Olympic Movement.

I joined the festivities in New Zealand
Promoted the Singapore culture in Auckland
The Kiwis were warm and welcoming
They enjoyed the show through all the cheering.

I think Auckland is a pleasant place to be
I managed to go to Parnell village near the city
Asian eateries and specialty shops abound
Whatever desires can be found

I wished I had more time to explore
Close by are the mountains and the shores
I wished I had more time to navigate
the hilly roads and Victoria Park market

Auckland reminded me of Melbourne
Most shops closed before sundown so people can adjourn
to spend time with friends or families
For in life, there's no hurry.

That's all the impression I have gleaned
from the 3 short days in Maori land
Maybe I'll have the chance to see, in the future
the museums, the Maori culture and join in the adventures.

NZ$1.000 = SGD$0.996

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